Duck, Whole, Grass Pasture Free Range Raised

Duck, Whole, Grass Pasture Free Range Raised
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Product Information

Whole duck, grass pasture & forest raised, dressed (ie. eviscerated), uncooked, raw, ready to cook, sold by kg. weight, minimum order of 1 duck.

Price is non-refundable deposit.  Final cost will be based on weight of the duck at $13.20/kg ($6.00/lb), plus any special processing you request.

These ducks are being raised on grass pasture &/or forest areas, free range, where the ducks enjoy the sun, wind, grass, seeds, worms, and bugs they find in the great outdoors. We normally use no hormones, no drugs, no antibiotics, all natural farming methods for raising these Muscovy meat birds.  If the flock's health or humane treatment require some medical intervention, we will fully disclose to prospective customers exactly what was done. 

What are the benefits of gras pasturing?  Unfortunately, we cannot find scientific testing previously done on grass pastured ducks, nor can we afford to conduct that expensive testing.  However, there is data for chickens, so you can decide for yourself if this may indicate the benefits for grass pasturing ducks.  According to lab tests sponsored by American Pastured Poultry Producers Association, as compared to meat produced in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations ("CAFO" a.k.a. "Chicken Farm Factories"), pastured chicken has 33% less of the bad Omega-6 fat, 91% more of the good Omega-3 fat, 47% to 80% better Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio, and 407% more Vitamin E.  We assume the same nutritional benefits apply to our pastured ducks.

The ducks being sold here were raised on BBay Farm, with full flock traceability and farming methods described here:
   Flock Farming Methods & Traceability

Watch the 3 minute video of our pastured chickens on our farm:  While we don't have a video for our ducks, they were raised in  a similar manner.

These ducks were slaughtered at an Ontario licensed abattoir, then vacuum packed in heavy plastic freezer bag, suitable for extended storage in your freezer (up to 12 months).

Our dressed ducks typically weigh between 2.0 to 4.3 kg with an average weight of 3.15 kg (ie. 4.5 to 9.5 lbs, with an average weight of 7 lbs) and are priced at $13.20/kg. (ie. $6.00 per lb.) with minimum purchase of 3 kg. of meat (ie. at least 1 whole duck).

Ducks purchased can be picked up from our farm (no additional charge for delivery), or can be shipped to you via Canada Post courier next day delivery as a frozen bird, packed in insulated box with freezer packs.  If you choose to have your birds delivered by Canada Post, you assume all risk if the perishable delivery is delayed, contaminated, or lost (we recommend you purchase shipping insurance).

Product Code CHI8CFH282
Manufacturer BBay Farm
Condition New
Weight 3.150kg

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