Chicken, Whole, Grass Pasture Free Range Raised

Chicken, Whole, Grass Pasture Free Range Raised
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Product Information

Whole chicken, grass pasture raised, dressed (eviscerated), fresh, raw, never frozen, in a plastic bag, ready to cook, minimum order of 1 chicken, store price shown here is $/chicken as non-refundable deposit, final price is $3.85 per lb ($8.47/kg) based on chicken's actual weight.

We plan on dressed (ie. eviscerated) whole chicken weights between 4 to 5 lbs. (ie. 1.82 kg to 2.27 kg.). The flock will naturally have some chickens that are smaller, and some that are bigger.

We plan to have 7 flocks in 2016 (ie. going to the abattoir on 2016-06-11, 2016-07-08, 2016-07-30, 2016-08-17, 2016-08-31, 2016-10-05, and 2016-11-16).  Fresh, never frozen chickens will be available on or about these dates. When fresh, never frozen, you can Special Order that your chickens are cut up & re-packaged any way you want them done.  At all other times, only whole frozen chickens will be available.

By ordering and paying in advance under CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), you save more than 14% on a $/kg basis.

These chickens are being raised on green grass pasture &/or forest areas, free range, where the chickens enjoy the sun, wind, grass, seeds, worms, and bugs they find in the great outdoors. We normally use no hormones, no drugs, no antibiotics, all natural farming methods for raising these White Rock meat birds.  If the flock's health or humane treatment require some medical intervention, we will fully disclose to prospective customers exactly what was done. 

According to lab tests sponsored by American Pastured Poultry Producers Association, when compared to meat produced in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations ("CAFO" a.k.a. "Chicken Factories"), grass pastured chicken has 33% less of the bad Omega-6 fat, 91% more of the good Omega-3 fat, 47% to 80% better Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio, and 407% more Vitamin E.

The chickens being sold were raised on BBay Farm, with full flock traceability and farming methods, similar to previous flocks we raised as described here:   Flock Farming Methods & Traceability

Watch the 3 minute video of pastured chickens on our farm:

These chickens will be slaughtered at an Ontario licensed abattoir, then packaged in a plastic bag suitable for refrigeration, and/or short term freezing.  As an option if you order in advance, you can request your chickens be vacuum-packed in heavy plastic, suitable for up to 12 months storage in your freezer.

Delivery Options   You can choose to:

  • Pick up your chickens from our farm store on the same day they return from the abattoir (fresh, never frozen, no additional charge); or
  • If you are unwilling or unable to pick up your chicken as fresh, never frozen, we can fast freeze your chickens for you and hold them for your subsequent pickup at a 14% higher price ($4.50/lb, $9.90/kg.), available here:   We can fast freeze your chickens, then ship them to you via Canada Post courier for next day delivery as a frozen bird, packed in insulated box with freezer packs. You will pay the 14% higher price ($4.50/lb, $9.90/kg.) for freezing the birds, plus the Canada Post shipping fee, plus $5.00 per bird for packaging and handling.  If you choose to have your birds delivered by Canada Post, you will be responsible for all risks and liability (eg. if the perishable goods are delayed).  We recommend you purchase the optional shipping insurance.
Product Code CHIFN3M137
Manufacturer BBay Farm
Condition New
Weight 2.270kg

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I've bought locally grown chicken many times before from many different farms. I have found that some other farms produce chickens that are dry, with hardly any fat. Other farms have chickens that produce way too much fat in the bottom of the roasting pan after cooking. I was glad to taste your chickens, as they have just the right amount of fat for excellent flavour. (23 Jul 2016, 20:38)

Worth Every Penny

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This [Artisanal, Grass Pastured, Small Flock Chickens] is a premium, premium product and worth every penny because farmers deserve to make a living, Animals deserve to be treated as humanely as possibly and consumers deserve to eat something that is going to benefit their health, See (21 Jul 2016, 23:28)
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