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Small flock, free range, & pastured poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys), goats (milk & meat), and LGD's (Livestock Guardian Dogs).

Black's Bay Farm was started so as to produce safe, nutritious, affordable, locally produced food for our local community..

We use sustainable farming practices, so as to protect our animals, our soils, and our local environment.

All of our animals are treated with dignity and respect.  Our farming methods ensure that each animal can fully express their unique behaviours.  For example, our laying chickens are free range, encouraged to enter the forest surrounding their chicken coop to enjoy scratching the ground looking for seeds and bugs, having a dust bath to keep their feathers clean, or escape to solitude from the coop and sister layers.

Our farm is off-grid, where we generate electricity via a wind turbine, solar PV panels, and solar water heating panels.  We use locally grown firewood for supplemental heating of our farm house.  We have backup generators for when our green power system is insufficient or off-line.  This means that we must use innovative, traditional (pre-electrification), or alternative approaches to farming.  For example, we use a hand vacuum pump to milk one goat at a time, rather than a large automated high energy milking system.

Poultry Prices at Black's Bay Farm, Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada
Bird Avg. Weight Price
kg lb $/kg $/lb
Chicken, Whiterock 2-4.3 4.5 - 9.5 9.90 4.50
Duck, Rouen & Peking 1.7 - 3.5 3.7 - 7.7 13.20 6.00
Goose, Emden 3.6 - 7.0 8 - 15 17.60 8.00
Turkey, Std. Commercial White 6.4 - 13.6 14 - 30 7.60 3.45

Currently, we produce the following products for sale:

Chicken Eggs

Roasting Chickens

We believe in, and practice sustainable free-range, pastured poultry.

Our most recent flock of meat birds can be seen in the following video:

Leghorn-Cornish Cross chicks, day oldWe believe in full disclosure of who, how, where, and when our animals (your food), has been raised and processed.  For more details, our typical disclosure for one of our flocks can be seen here:  BBay Farm Chicken Traceability & Disclosure Form.  Unlike the CAFO chicken factories, all of our current customers are welcome to come tour our farm, to see for themselves.  For cusomers and all others we welcome your question about our farm, our farming practices, and our birds.  The following summarizes our poultry farming operation.

We purchase our day-old chicks from Frey's Hatchery.  Perhaps in the future, we will hatch our own chicks.  Our chicks start their life on our farm for their first two weeks of life inside a heated barn, protected from predators and inclement weather.  At about 2 weeks old (or the next sunny day thereafter), the poults are transferred to our grass pasture where they do the majority of growing.

The chickens get a fresh patch of grass every day, and all of the grass, bugs, and seeds they can find.  Their natural scratching and foraging is supplemented with commercially prepared chicken feed; formulated with corn, soya bean meal, a vitamin-mineral mix, and other minor ingredients.Frey's Whiterock-Cornish Cross meat chicken

The birds get fresh water every day from our farmhouse drilled well; the same water the people drink.  It is tested 2x per year by samples I take to our local Public Health Unit.

We strive to provide each chicken a wonderful, full life for the 7 to 10 weeks that it lives on our farm; followed by a humane, respectful harvesting process at a local abattoir.

We currently sell our chickens for $4.50 per pound ($9.90 per kg).  If you want to know how and why we determine our prices, see BBay Farm's Poultry Pricing page.

According to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian consumes  31.2 kg/person/year.  At an average weight of 2.2 kg/chicken, that would be 14 chickens per year per person.  For a typical Canadian family of 4 people (2 adults and 2 children), that would be an annual purchase of 56 chickens per year per family.

Whether for 1 chicken, 56 chickens, or more, BBay Farm would be honored to be your preferred chicken supplier.  So as to minimize our business risk, and share a limited resource as far and wide throughout our community, we limit our sale of chicken to a maximum of 100 chickens per year per family.  We therefore seek between 30 to 150 familys as our steady customers.  If we are sold out, we will take your name for our waiting list as our future customers

We have extremely limited capability to store frozen chicken, and even less for fresh chicken (which must be frozen or cooked within 5 days after slaughter).

So that we can better understand the public (and our future customer's) preferences, please help us out by completing the follwing 2 question survey:

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Roasting Ducks

Our ducks are a combined flock of Roen (French origin), Peking (Chinese origin), and Muscovy (South American origin) ducks

Roasting Geese

Our geese are Ebden, a large white feathered species that originated in Germany

Goat Meat

Our goats are pure bred Boar (South African origin), Nubian (North African origin), La Mancha (Spain via California origin), and hybrid crosses.

Goat Milk & Cheese

Spring Lamb & Mutton

Our sheep are Jacob (English origin), Romney (English origin), and Suffolk (English origin)


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